Monday, April 30, 2012


We just read a news article about the "new" kind of shoplifter.  It's not the guy who puts a family size pack of pork chops inside his pants or the girl who slips a lipstick in her purse at Rite Aide.  No, these new shoplifters are people who might never normally steal.  ONE THIRD of Americans have admitted to fudging, lying, "forgetting to scan things" (All called stealing.  If you really did forget to scan something and then remembered at home, you go back and pay for it.) at the grocery stores self checkout lines.  They slip small things through right into the bag, enter a lower price skew number of a fruit or veggie instead of the expensive one and lie about what bakery items are in the bag.  

It only gets worse.  Of the 66% left who don't steal, 25% of them don't do it for fear of getting caught.  This is just so sad.  Linda LOVES the self checkout lines.  It's fun to do it!  She likes to bag things certain ways and she's glad that only her hands are touching all the items.  Plus, you don't get the cashiers germs from all the money she's handling.   If CRIMINALS keep stealing, the self checkout lines will go away.  Where is the honesty and integrity people? I guess those people won't mind then that while they are inside Giant Food stealing, someone else is going through their cars helping themselves to their GPS, cell phones and iPods.