Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sideways Noah

Noah is his usually bubbly fun toddler self.  Everything with Noah is an exciting adventure.  Playing with Mom & baby giraffes, setting up the chairs for lunch, eating, playing with toys, watching Pound Puppies while he drinks his bottle.  Today he discovered Linda's slippers.  He only wanted to wear one and would not take it off.  He kept shuffling around the house babbling about something.  Penelope had a rough night, so she was too tired to come over with Sarah.  Instead, Linda buckled him into the car seat and went up to the Sweet Frog on the corner for a treat.  The ladies who own it LOVE him.  Linda was hoping they would love him enough to give him one of the big stuffed frogs, but instead they just cooed and made faces at him.

After a few bites of yogurt, they took a spin around the party store.  He was loving looking at the hats, costumes and decorations.   Linda was going to get him a balloon, but instead he wanted a Dora the Explorer sippy-cup.  All the way home he kept yelling "Ma-Ma!" and waving the cup around.  As soon as they got home, Linda gave him some water and he used the straw like a big boy!  Now he is sound asleep from all the excitement.

OK, this is making Linda mad.  Her new iPhone 4 won't let you rotate your photos. Even though she is taking them in the portrait scene, they flip over to their side.   It's a big pain, but she figured out a way using the program "paint" that allows you to do it.  It's worked for months, and now it is showing that the photo rotated, but it is not staying upright when we try to post it to the blog.  iPhone 4S is pretty sucky with pictures.  Boo Apple!!!