Thursday, April 12, 2012

Penelope Rose

It seems like yesterday that Linda was holding a newborn Taylor on her lap.  Actually, it was 23 years ago when he was born.  
Just look how much he has grown!
Well, now he is a Daddy and is holding his own baby on his lap

Everyone, meet the newest addition to our wonderful family... Penelope Rose!
No wait... wrong baby!  That's Taylor as an infant.

I'll try again.  Here goes... welcome to the world Miss. Penny!!
I. Am. Loved.
Penelope was born super healthy with a top score of 9/9.  In the sports world, that is like shooting a hole-in-one or hitting a Grand Slam!  She was 8 lbs and 20.5".  Sarah and Taylor are wonderful parents and Linda LOVES being a Nana!  Right now Penelope looks like Sarah's side of the family, but as she gets older, she might start looking a little more like Taylor.