Friday, April 13, 2012

Super Dog!

When Linda reads articles like this one about amazing pets, I always feel like a failure as a dog.  Sure, I bring Linda lots of enjoyment, love and enrich her life... but the only thing I do that is useful is keep her feet warm on cold nights.  These pets do more than keep people warm, they save lives every single day.  Everyone knows about rescue dogs, seeing eye dogs and bomb sniffing dogs.  This is just a quick overview of 8 other pets with amazing skills.

 1) Shirly is a yellow Lab who can detect when her 4-year old diabetic owner has low blood sugar and needs a shot.
 2)  Marien, a black Lab who can detect colon cancer.  
3) Floyd, Fidge & Mia are all cats that can detect breast cancer. 
 4) Oscar is a cat who lives in a nursing home.  He can predict death by sensing when vital organs are shutting down.  He'll show extra attention and stay by the sides of people who are about to die.
 5) Patra is a Shep/Rottie mix who head butts her owner when she is about to have a seizure.
 6) Rock'O is really amazing.  He protects an 8-year old boy who is deathly allergic to peanuts.  If he even touches a shell, it can burn a hole in his skin.  Rock'0 can steer him away from stores or restaurants that have peanuts. 
 7) Sydney, a mixed-breed dog, licks her owners ear about 30 minutes before she is going to get a migraine.  
8)No Name Dog- There are Parkinson Disease dogs who can help their owners recover from an attack.

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