Saturday, April 14, 2012

Not Himself

Linda is a teensy-bit worried about Chimmie.  He's not been himself this morning.  We are both creatures of habit and act EXACTLY the same way every morning.  Linda starts stirring in bed and I immediately get as far under the covers as possible so she can't find me to make me go outside.  She lets me stay there a few minutes while she opens the bathroom door and stands clear so she does not get run over by Cheetah Chimmie.  After she lets him out to run 47 laps around the backyard, she comes and gets me to go outside too.  Next up, breakfast.  He'll be dancing on his hind legs yipping while she cooks the chicken.  In 22 seconds he eats his entire bowl.  Meanwhile, I go into my kitchen bed and sleep for another 4 hours.  After he eats, he grabs his woobie (flat coyote) and snuggles on her lap in the den.  That scenario happens every single day.  Except today.  I did the usual thing, but this is what Chim did:  Linda opened the door but no excited pup waiting to come out.  She had to check to make sure he was alive because he wasn't stirring at all.  Linda had to carry him outside.  Then when she let us in, he went straight to the Big Bed and curled up.  Not a peep or a yip while the chicken was cooking.  Even when she put his bowl down in the bathroom to eat, he did not move off the bed.  She picked up woobie and carried him to the den.  Poor Chim didn't even jump up on the couch with the woobie in his mouth like hes done 1,002 times.  Now he's sound asleep again.... with no breakfast in his belly.  If he isn't perky when Jerry walks us today, Linda will have to take him to the Vets office.