Monday, April 23, 2012

If Money Grew on Trees

Say YES to this jacket
Love the orange but not the $500 price tag
Very nautical, nice bag for $450

Linda had so much fun with Tierney tonight and her personal Nordstroms shopper.  The woman pulled a slew of clothes, including matching shoes and jewelry.  Linda tried on most every outfit too.  Her favorite piece was this leather jacket, but it was $300 so you already know it did not come home with her. If she bought all the stuff she liked, it would have been thousands of dollars.  She did buy the black skirt, a tank top and a tee shirt.  Tierney got a few outfits and a pair of shoes.  After they ate dinner at Mimi's.  Yay for Mommy-Daughter time. 

Tier liked the coat too!