Thursday, April 12, 2012

Missing Noah

This is back when I was actually bigger than him!!
It's going to be a lonely Thursday without Noah-Boo.  He hasn't been sleeping too well so Gretel is staying home with him today so they can both rest.  Linda keeps the day open, so now she'll use the time to study her new routines and do some errands like visiting the tax man :( and finally getting some groceries in the house.  She has been mixing all sorts of cans, boxes and the bottom of the bag of frozen veggies to make meals  There has actually been some tasty combinations, but now even the stuff in back of the cupboards is getting used up.  Tonight she has to teach her Body Pump class and then go to prayer. Tomorrow night Taylor is playing in a basketball tournament (just for fun.) Linda is looking forward to cheering him on.  It's been awhile since she has sat in the stands and rooted for him!!