Tuesday, April 17, 2012

And Here is The Exciting NEWS!

Shop with Tierney!

I told you awhile back about some exciting news I wasn't able to blab about until we got the go-ahead!  Well, it's official:  NEWS   It's crazy, but Tierney's blog has caught the attention of some major Hollywood casting agents.  They have been interviewing her for weeks and weeks, and now it's official.  She'll be shooting a TV pilot for a show about shopping!  WHOO-HOO for Tierney!!  It's the same women who casts Real Housewives, but it's not going to be that kind of show, just a fun show about a girl who loves fashion, shopping and blogging!! But guess what else...as of now, Linda will be in on the filming too (unless that plans get changed.) Yep, two of my three favorite people will be shooting a TV show that will be shown to the network exec's to see if they want to pick up the show.  Linda and Tier have talked about letting me be part of it if it's OK with the producers!  Since I'm so perfect on camera and already have acting experience as Toto in the Wizard of Oz, I might be in my "carry-me" tote bag with Linda during filming.  TAKE THAT DISNEY!