Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dog Tired

The sun is shining, we got to exercise a bit with Paul Walker while Linda was working and now she is cooking up some fresh chicken for our dinner.  How sweet is our life?  Sure we wish Linda was a stay-at-home Dog Mom and never left us, but we understand she has to teach to buy us food and a keep a roof over our head. Chimmie eats as much as a dog 3x his size.  He's always being a dork and getting into trouble.
"Oww... my head is stuck!"

 The last three days she has been so tired that it's been a struggle to get through her classes.  We are going to bed early and she is actually sleeping better than ever.  For some reason, her energy level is flat-lining during the day.  She did add one more Combat class to her weekly schedule, but that can't be it.  Her diet isn't that great right now, so maybe she needs to go back to more protein and less carbs/sweets.  She almost caved after her 9:30 & 10:30 classes and bought a 5-Hour Energy Shot on the way to teach her 12:00 class.  Instead, she ate a good lunch at 1:30 and took an hour nap before she left for the afternoon round of classes. There is an hour break before she leaves again for church. I hope she can stay awake during the service.  She is going to do some stretches and eat some food in hopes that she can get some more energy.

Downward Dog