Thursday, April 19, 2012

Play Date

You can't really see it,  but while Linda was holding Penny, Noah gave her one of my dog cookies. He put it very carefully right on her tummy.   He first gave it to me but then took it right back and gave it to Penny!  Next, he brought her his favorite thing in the whole world, Giraffe Mommy and Baby.
"Are you my Nana?"
He even tried to share his raisins with her.  After Penny and Noah ate their lunches (Noah holds the spoon now and can eat by himself!) Sarah took Noah for a walk in the Bob stroller while Linda stayed and watched Penny.  About 10 seconds after she took this photo, Penny vomited all over herself! 

Linda wished she had taken a video instead of photos, but Noah was dragging me around in my bed and eventually dumped me out onto the floor!

Noah is becoming such a big boy.  He is so smart and obedient!  About a month ago he watched Linda use a lint roller on the green couch to get the cat hair off.  He found it in a draw and went to the exact spot on the couch to clean the hair off!  When he touched something he shouldn't have, Linda just said no touching, and he quickly walked away. 
"All that playing is hard work."
He climbed up on the chair and covered himself with a blanket to recharge for the next round of fun! Eventually he fell asleep for real on Linda's lap and she laid him down on The Big Bed for a real nap.  Linda is going to be so sad to see him go home.