Friday, April 13, 2012

Go Team Go!

Back in the day when Tier and Taylor played high school BB
Linda was able to come home after work for exactly 45 minutes before she had to turn around and head back out.  It seems like Linda is always getting home from teaching and having to rush to get ready to leave again.  It will be the same thing tomorrow too.  She's really not complaining though because 99.9% of the time she has to leave after teaching is because she is going to a church related function or hanging out with her church family/friends.  It's why Linda never feels lonely.  Sure, she is the only human in our house, but when she is home...we keep her busy and totally entertained.  There are a few Saturdays every other month where she is done teaching at 1:00 and makes absolutely zero plans for the rest of the afternoon and evening.  There might be a dinner, bowling or game night option, but it's so nice for her to actually have a block of time that isn't accounted for.  Chores, yard work, reading, studying, walking the trail, catching up on a DVD series or napping are a few of the things she loves to do. Tonight is the alumni basketball tournament (Taylor and Tierney are playing) then Saturday is her monthly Bible Care Team.  Sunday between churches she has to practice her routines since it's almost time to launch.  Maybe one weekend soon she'll have some down time, but for now... it's off to cheer her favorite teams!
UPDATE:  Tierney's game ended in a tie and Taylor's team lost by a few points.   Highlight:  Penelope came to meet everyone!  Of course she slept the entire time, even with the cheering and whistles.