Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Not a Winner

Linda just got super excited then totally faked out into thinking she won an awesome prize.  A lot of the blogs she reads have neat-o giveaways.  We always enter unless there are 20 steps.  If it's just "leave a comment why you deserve to win a pair of awesome running socks" we comment.  So far, we've won 2 things, a little tote bag from The Gray Kitty and a box of  protein Bars from a running blog.  A few days ago, we entered to win a pair of expensive sport sunglasses.  Linda always uses my email address.  Today, we got home to find a WINNER! email from the blog lady.  YES!! How exciting.  Except the subject line just meant that a winner was picked.  Unfortunately, it wasn't us.  Way to dash her hopes.  Anyway, we'll keep entering and won't give up!

You should all go to the site and buy one of these owls cell phone holders.  Linda has a brown one and just loves it!! (You can also get it with a long strap to wear across your body.)