Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pig is Pig

Earlier this month, the "Gross, I can't believe it!" rants were going around on the internet about Pizza Huts newest creation.  It was a normal pizza with hot dogs nestled inside the crusts.  Linda was puzzled why so many meat-eaters found this disgusting.  After all, they all eat pig parts on top of their pizza, right?  Sausage and pepperoni come from pigs, just like hot dogs.  Why was it so revolting?  Pig is Pig.  Now, Pizza Hut has a new pie called The Crown Crust. Instead of the normal crust, little cheeseburgers surround the pizza. 
I'm sure the same beef-pig-chicken eating people who complained about the hot dog pizza will get on their soap boxes and say how unhealthy and wrong this idea is.  Hum.. if you eat a pizza at lunch and then a hot dog or burger at dinner, what is the difference if it's in the same meal.  Linda eats tofu and veggies in the same dinner; beans and rice; cheese and black bean burgers.  Would someone please explain why meat eaters think this is so horrible.  thankyouverymuch.