Sunday, April 22, 2012


For Linda's whole life, even when she was a child, she has battled insomnia.  Sometimes it's not falling asleep and other times it sleeping for 20 minutes than waking up again for hours upon hours.  The last two nights, she has slept 8-9 hours without waking up once.  Plus, she fell asleep quickly too.  There has been absolutely nothing different in her lifestyle, diet or caffeine intake.  All the pets have been quite the last few months and we've not been requesting an "outside" visit until morning, but that didn't seem to matter anyway.  99% of the time I have to go out during the night is because Linda wakes me up with her fidgeting.   She is just praying that it will be the new normal.  It's super hard to work out 3-5 hours a day when she's only slept a few hours.
 "Breakfast with Tierney" party

 It's a good thing she is rested because today won't be a lazy Sunday.  After Breakfast at Tiffany's (really it's breakfast with Tierney) she has church.  Linda hopes to make it to Laura's Cabi Party.  (Cabi sells adorable clothes, none of which Linda can afford unless the nice hostess gives her the 50% discount, hint-hint....)
Linda would like both these Cabi outfits thankyouverymuch.

 Then she gets to do nursery again (HOO-RAY!) during the evening service.  Last week Penny did not wake up once, so Linda didn't get to hold her.  She's already been warned by the nursery supervisor that "grandma's can't spend the whole time holding their babies" so maybe it's for the best she sleeps.  Watching someone else hold Penny when Linda's lap is empty would make her sad.

"I miss you NANA"
 I'm glad Paul Walker will be taking care of us today.  With all Linda has to do, it would be a long and lonely Sunday for the pets.