Monday, April 30, 2012

I'm Not Fat, I Have Broad Shoulders

It's that time of year again for my annual Vet visit.  There is nothing wrong with me, but I still hate going.  I'll need my booster shots and full exam.  The Dr. will probably comment on my weight (still 5.75 pounds) telling me that I need to lose a pound so there isn't too much stress on my knees. It will cost Linda around $250.  Yikes, sorry I'm so expensive Linda.  The average cost for dog ownership in 2010 was $1,425 a year.  That is without all the extras like professional dog walking ($25 a visit)!  I love my volunteer walkers and wouldn't want a stranger anyway.  If you really wanted to splurge on us Linda, there is a private Dog Country Club two towns over.  It has a swimming pond, an agility course, lighted play fields, and 2 separate small dog areas.  The membership dues would be $275 per year and a $95 application fee.  The Club also holds BBQ's, bonfires and if your looking for love: meetups!  If that doesn't work, is a social site where dogs can surf the net to find their perfect pal.

Then there is Chip Cat, who never steps a paw outside.   In 14 years she has been to the vet exactly one time, to get her "girl surgery."  Her cost of living is considerable cheaper than ours!