Sunday, April 15, 2012

The FURemover

This is from one night of Chip sleeping on the couch!
By accident-on purpose Linda picked something useful up yesterday at Marshall's while she was killing the 1/2 hour between her two classes.  She has been having to spend 5-10 minutes (which does not seem like a lot, but it's a pain) twice a day to use the lint roller and/or vacuum hose to get all Chips hair off the couch.  Chips fur is coming off in gobs.  Sometimes the carpet looks like she got in a cat-fight because the tufts of hair are everywhere.  When Linda saw the FURemover and it was only $4.99, she figured that even if it did not work on de-furning the furniture/carpet it would be a nice gentle brush for me.  HOLY COW!  This thing works like magic. Plus, there are no sticky rollers or refills needed.  No lie, it's the absolute best FURemover in the world.  Because sometimes, (only sometimes) Linda gets a wee-bit fixated on things, she had to go around the entire house and de-fur every piece of furniture.  It's FUN!  It's EASY! It WORKS!  OK, maybe she is a little too excited, but if you have a pet, go buy one right now.
I'm the Queen of this couch