Monday, April 23, 2012

Nursing Babes and Pups

This was after her bath.  She loves baths so much it puts her to sleep.
Penny was awake for almost the entire church service last night.  She only fell asleep for the last 10 minutes.  Linda held her for a bit, but Penny was happy just cooing in the crib and looking all around.  She's already a good girl and can entertain herself.   Sarah said she is a great eater too. She'll nurse for 20 minutes non-stop.  That must be how she gained 13 ounces in one week!

 Speaking of sleep, it was another amazing night of sleep for everyone at our house!  It's 4 days in a row now, maybe a good-sleeping record.  Just because Chim and I are creatures of habit, we still are taking a nap immediately after Linda wakes us up, makes us go outside and feeds Chim his breakfast.  I am so sleepy that I climb in my kitchen bed and sleep for at least 3 more hours.  My first meal is usually lunch.  Chim is busy nursing on flat coyote making his little whimper sounds.  He even does little pressing motions with his paws just like he would do to his Mommy to help the milk flow.  Honestly, Chim was only 1 pound smaller than his adult parents when Linda adopted him.   He was plenty big enough so I don't know why he has this obsession to nurse every AM!?!  This video is from last night.  He does not suck at night, it's more of a chewing motion. What a strange pup he is.