Friday, April 27, 2012

More H2O

It's been two days in a row without the overwhelming exhaustion Linda had been feeling earlier this week.  Whatever was plaguing her seems to be gone for good.  She's back to her old peppy self.  Someone told her that eating meat is the trick to energy, but for her, it's not eating too many simple processed carbs.  She had also been drinking way more caffeine-free Diet Coke than plain water.  That just can't be good for you. It's time to turn over a new leaf and get back to healthy eating and guzzling the H2O.  She is going to look for one of these 64 oz water bottle and just keep filling it up every time she passes a water fountain. 

In about 45 minutes she'll be leaving for Friday Family Fun Night.  The main event is volleyball. Hopefully she won't be taking any chances by trying to play.  If she gets hurt, it means she can't work...which means we don't eat.  I hope she does the smart thing and watches from the bleachers because I LOVE my chicken and tillipa. 

Chimmie would rock at Volleyball.  He can jump super high!