Thursday, April 19, 2012


Newborn Noah
Newborn Penelope
Linda can barely contain her excitement!  Noah and Penelope are coming over today!  Crack out the camera and charge those batteries, you are going to need them 100% Linda! I already know that Chim and I will have to be outside while Penny is here.  She is just over a week old and still wrinkly, so Linda said we can't meet her yet.  Plus, Sarah is not a dog person at all.  We are not allowed to sit on her, lick her or get too close to her.  When Sarah grew up on the dairy farm, dogs were working animals that lived outside and not lap pets.  She is not afraid of animals (she killed a rabid raccoon with a shovel to save her baby sister and shot a bear (it might have been a deer, but Linda thinks it was a bear,) so she is not a frady-cat at all.  I just hope Penny turns out like Noah and LOVES dogs, yes and even cats.  Noah has been fascinated with Chip Cat lately and has these long conversations with her.  Chip talks back too.  Linda has to start cleaning the house now and go to the grocery store to buy lunch food. 
Newborn Chimmie
Puppy Me.  Linda does not have a newborn photo of me since I was 8 weeks old when she first loved me.