Sunday, April 29, 2012

Play With Me.Me.Me.Me.ME...

Chim was straight-up wild last night.  He was a raving lunatic when Linda let him out of his den at 10 p.m.   It was raining pretty steadily, so he would not chase the ball in the backyard to alleviate some of the pent-up TNT.  Instead, he was bolting around the house chasing me... and even Dangerous Chip Cat!  He was swatted a few times, but that did not deter him one bit.  Usually a jab from Chip sends him crying to Linda's lap.  We've never seen him so jacked-up before.  It was like he was ready to explode.  Linda had to stay awake with him and play tug of war with flat coyote & toss his ball in the den because there is no way she could have put him back in his bed.  There were back-to-back episodes of The Dog Whisperer on and Linda practiced channeling her inner Cesar to get him to calm down while she watched.  No dice.  She tried the hold him on his back until he went limp and submissive.  She was afraid his eyes were going to pop out of his head; they were bugging out so far!  Eventually, he calmed down a tad and she didn't feel so bad putting him away for the night.  This morning, he is chilling out and taking a nap while Linda types.  Totally different dog. 
For those of you who care (probably zero people) Linda slept great last night!  Absolutely no pattern to her stupid insomnia.