Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Guard Dogs

Chim and I are besides ourselves barking and running around the house.  There are workmen right in front of our house digging up the blacktop.  They are using sledgehammers to break up the road and trying to stick long poles into the earth.  Plus, besides making lots of noise, they are making a pothole right at the end of our driveway where Linda backs her car up.  She says they better fix it when they are finished. 
By the time she uploaded the photo, they were already done and gone.  It doesn't look like they patched the hole, she is going to go look now and see.  I'll be right back.  OK... all's fine.  It wasn't the road they were sledgehammering, it was these little manhole covers that they were trying to get off.  They've painted them bright blue for some reason and put numbers on them.  Whew, that was enough excitement to last me all day.  Now I need to rest from expending all that energy alerting Linda to possible danger.