Thursday, April 26, 2012

Choopie's Maid Service?

We read some very exciting blogs.  Of course Tierney's fashion blog is LOL funny.  Linda has totally changed the way she dresses after what she has learned reading it.  Every once in a while, she'll do a fashion don't and Tierney has to remind her not to wear Mom jeans or to go to lunch in something other than her workout clothes that she just wore doing 3 hours of sweaty cardio classes.  But mostly, Linda is getting more "you look great Mom" than "um... Mom, how much work would it be to just throw a dry top on and redo your ponytail?"  Then of course the food/eating blogs are also very interesting.  She's never made anything from Meg's recipes, but she loves reading the stories behind them.  Then, there is Donna's blog.  Linda would never eat what they eat, but reading about eating fried frogs legs has a "ick" factor that makes her laugh.  Besides those 3, there are the exercise blogs that make her laugh, encourage her and realize that other people get tired working out too.  So then we come to Choopie's Life.  My blog isn't nearly as exciting as theirs.  This is the highlight of our day so far:

Our Swiffer pad after doing the hardwood floors!  Linda is soooo weird that this makes her excited.  She also loves vacuuming and then emptying out the canister and looking how much dust, dirt and furballs get sucked up.  When she starts with a spanking-clean Swiffer pad, there is a little bit of excited anticipation on how much dirt will come up.  Maybe we should start a cleaning business since she loves the before/after feeling that comes with cleaning a house.  (I'm sure her phone is going to be ringing the second Tierney reads this post!)