Friday, April 20, 2012

No More Baby Bean

This is Linda's favorite Friday Family Fun night at church.  It's the Formal (prom) night.  She loves watching the kids all grown up in their tuxes and gowns arrive in limos (and last year a horse drawn carriage!)  She is most excited about seeing Christina (Bean) , Sarah's baby sister, in her gown with make-up and her hair styled.  I already know Linda is going to cry a little when she sees her all dolled up.  This is from Sarah and Taylor's wedding, where she was around 11-years old here.  The theme of the formal is "Tangled."  We didn't see the movie, but I'll be posting a bunch of photos this weekend of the decorations.  After everyone watches the kids arrive at the dinner, they are going to go out to the soccer field to play games.  It's a perfect night for Chim and I to come too!  Linda can bring a blanket and we can all watch.