Monday, April 30, 2012

Missing Birds

Linda loves when it's only Noon and she already has gotten tons of stuff done!  It helps having a great night sleep (hoo-RAY!) and waking up fresh and energetic at 6:00 a.m.  So far, she's had quite time, did the morning 3 pet ritual, had coffee and a protein shake, taught Body Combat; and taught Body Pump.  Next up, she heard Modell's was having an awesome shoe sale.  She found a pair of size 15 Nike's for Taylor at 75% off! 
Size 15's...Let's hope Penny does not follow in these footsteps!
When she got home, she decided to quickly change her shoes and mow the yard.  Not a fun job, but she turned it into another workout by sprinting as fast as she could while she pushed the mower.  There is a hill in the front yard, so it's an extra workout.  Sure, it's probably not safe or smart... but otherwise mowing is so boring.  She found this in the backyard under the deck.

There was a robin's nest full of babies in the support beams right under the deck.  They made Linda happy when she was sitting on the deck because she could hear their baby tweets and chirps.  She is just hoping they flew away and the Mom destroyed the nest.  Otherwise, they are all inside Chimmie's belly.