Monday, April 23, 2012

One of these pictures is NOT Wild Boar

Back when we had the old laptop, Linda used to read tons of blogs.  Everything from wedding photography, cooking, running, fashion, make-up and Les Mills inspired blogs.  When our laptop crashed and burned, we lost all our bookmarks.  Instead of trying to find all the blogs again, Linda decided she was spending way too much time reading them anyway, so she cut back to just a handful.  Of course she still reads Ruby Woo because it's Tierney's blog and it makes her laugh out loud.  She reads a 3 exercise/running blogs and two food blogs The Red Spoon and YummaYumma.  Meg from the Red Spoon is an amazing cook and full-time Mommy to adorable little Henry.

  Donna and her husband King Fish (she can't remember his exact code name) go to crazy restaurants and eat unusual things like animal testicles and cows tongue.  The latest post had them experimenting with grasshopper tacos and the stomachs of pigs.   Linda just loves reading about how brave they are and actually how much they enjoy eating the unusual dishes.  In the end times if food is ever scarce, Donna and King Fish will be extra healthy because they will be eating grubs, worms, crows and gophers while Linda starves because there isn't any tofu handy.  That's one of the peril of being veganease (as her Pastor calls it.)