Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How Many Blonds Does it Take to Stripe a Road

It's been over a month now since we had our house fixed-up a bit and Linda is so happy she did it.  The hardwood floor, super-soft carpet and the walls look amazing.  Even the kitchen doesn't make her sad anymore.  (She's stopped letting friends come over who tell her how "horrible it looks... you REALLY have to do something about's a shame you didn't do the kitchen at the same time....")  There is one thing she wished she did different.  To save a little money, she painted the hall bathroom by herself.  It's the very first time she's ever painted a wall, so she was clueless.  John The Painter gave her some tips, but he was busy doing other rooms.  Let's just say there are some imperfections, kind of like this:
Line painters striped OVER the top of horse poop
She didn't paint over horse poop, but she did paint over dog hairs and dust.  Instead of cleaning the walls first, she just thought the paint would hide everything.  (Um... Are You BLOND Linda??)  Every other wall in the house is smooth and perfect.  Oh well, she learned her lesson for next time.  I hope the road workers learned their lesson too.. clean up the horse poop before you paint the road.