Friday, March 1, 2013

Hold the Onions

Linda was talking to a friend after Body Pump class last night about the new burger joint that opened just a few steps away from the gym.  It's really handy to be able to grab lunch or dinner after a workout without having to move your car.  The guys that work there are always nice to Linda.  She has 30 minutes between her classes today, and they give her a free soda while she sits and studies.  She's only actually eaten there a few times though.  It's not because its a burger joint and she's a vegetarian.  It's because the black bean/veggie burger (with toppings and fries) she wants costs $17.  That's outrageous, or so she thought.  Yesterday there was an article on the local radio webpage that rated the top burgers in the country.  It seems $17 is on the low end of the menu price with some burgers in the $20's-up to $50 range.  Maybe she is just old-school and out of touch with restaurant eating.  Who pays that kind of money for a burger?  Someone must be, because all the places listed were very popular.

The last time Linda bought a real beefy hamburger she paid .99 cents.  Snickers used to get his weekly treat of a McDonald's small burger during their Saturday walk to the shopping center.  I've never tasted one, but I bet I would like it. (Remember onions are toxic for dogs, so if you get a fast food burger for your pooch, have them hold the onions!)