Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sick Day

Ugh!  Guess where I spent the afternoon and the last few hours?  Not outside in the beautiful 60 degree weather.  I've been in my carry-me tote.  Twice.  Once when Linda took me to the local vet at the Petsmart (total fail, they wouldn't see me!) and then to the 24-Hour Vet Emergency Room later on. 
At the Emergency Room waiting my turn

  I may look like I have a happy, carefree smile on my face... but I'm actually stressed and hyperventilating.   I vomited in The Big Bed this morning before Linda woke up.  (At least I did it on my side of the bed.)  Linda didn't notice it right away, but when she went to make the bed she found it.  I turned down my breakfast and wasn't interested in doing much of anything.  During the PW walk while Linda was at church, I mostly just sat on the sidewalk and asked to be carried.  I also started scooting again!  The same as last Saturday when I had to go to the vet.  This time it was worse and I was crying in pain.  When I started getting lethargic and glassy eyed, she decided not to wait until tomorrow for the regular vet to be open.   The Dr. was so nice.  He examined me and gave me a shot of antibiotics and some pain medicine.  I won't go into details, but it's the same issue I always have.  I might have to get surgery and get the glands removed.  

The past month, Linda has spent a lot of money on Vet bills.  Plus, Chimi is due for his annual check-up this month.  Yikes.  Dogs are expensive.. but we are so worth it.