Saturday, March 16, 2013

Made Out of Awesomeness

Linda was just 10 ticket numbers off from winning the 50" flat screen TV.  Drats!  The other prizes were Kindle Fires, and an Xbox.  Her two favorite parts of the meeting were these cannolli (really yummy!) and this "Thank You" card that was on the table from one of the kids in the after school program.  Of the 100's of cards made, the one at her place setting was actually drawn by one of her old TKD students. 
"I am made out of awesomeness (100%)"
There might have been vegetarian food, but she didn't even look at the buffet line because she ate a late lunch.

Linda was invited to a friends house for some fellowship tonight, so she rushed out right after the meeting so she could go to his house.  She even bought a few of the leftover cannoli to share.  Unfortunately, sitting in the hard rented chair for two hours really tightened her back.  She could barely walk to the car and had trouble getting out once she pulled in the driveway.  Sitting is more painful to her than actually moving around.  Looks like she'll be taking some Aleve and stretching out on her bed.  I'm sure the cannoli won't go to waste.