Thursday, March 14, 2013

Three Amazing Baby Tricks

Since Linda is the Nana, she feels like she has the right to brag a bit on her grand-baby Penelope.  If you don't want to read about how amazing Penny is, then skip this post.  It was a long-long time ago when Linda had Tierney and Taylor, so reliving all the "firsts" with Penny has been so fun for her.  Last Thursday, Penny was barely taking any steps alone.  She would stand for a second and kind of fall forward a few steps.  Look at her today! Baby Trick #1
She was walking like a champ and only sat down when she wanted to.

Baby Trick #2:  Sarah has trained her not to go near the stairs or the TV equipment.  When Penny would walk near those areas, she would stop and shake her head "NO" even before Linda had to say anything to her. 

Baby Trick #3:  This trick has been happening for weeks now, but Linda didn't want to mention it until it was a for-sure thing. 
I know, you are thinking that an 11 month old baby can't be potty trained, right?  You are saying "Oh, it's just lucky timing by Mom."  Honestly, Linda thought the same thing until today.  Penny goes on the potty, for real!  Sarah does sit her on it after meals and naps, although Penny would sit on it every 10 minutes if you let her.  She LOVES her potty, both for #1 and #2.  It's saving Sarah so much money on diapers.  About 5 minutes after lunch, Linda let her sit on the potty with her favorite book.  Just a few minutes later, business done!  When she goes, the potty actually plays a little song and sings "Get the toilet paper ready!"  It makes Penny clap and giggle.  She so knows how to get the potty to sing to her.