Friday, March 29, 2013

Precious Penny

Linda had a great time tonight with Penelope.  Sarah and Taylor were scheduled to volunteer at the Easter program at church. Penny was still battling the remnants of her cold and they didn't want to infect the other kids. Right after TKD, Linda rushed to their house so they could get to church on time.  Besides reading all Penny's favorite books, they played with her new barn and farm animals.  Linda realized she forgot to take photos, so here is an old one we already posted. 
Linda is sad she missed the Easter program, but is so happy to spend time with her sweet girl. Taylor said the skit was a Scooby-Doo mystery and Tierney played Daphne.  As soon as someone posts some photos on FB, we'll post them here.
Tierney looks so much like Linda's Mom when she was a young woman.

 Tomorrow will be another long day for us.  We won't be having a dog walker, so Linda is planning on getting up extra early and walking us before her first class.  As soon as she gets home in the afternoon, she'll walk us again before she heads out to a friends house. 

(Linda has been thinking about changing the blog.  She knows 99.9% of people don't like reading blogs that are written in a dogs voice.  It's annoying, especially to newer readers who might get confused. Back in 2008 when she started this blog, she never imagined it would last this long.  She'll keep the title, just write in her words, not in mine.)