Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Blue Skies

If it would have been colder last night and all this morning, we would have had 2 feet of snow.  It had been been raining hard and steady.  Linda had to force us off the deck this morning with the "I'm watching you!" command.  When she says that, we know she means business.  If we don't obey, we get in trouble.  Now, just look at the sky!  It was so blue that Linda had to take a picture of it while we were all sunning on the deck.
I'm actually way happier than I look in this picture.  The bright sun was making me squint after it being so dreary all day.
There isn't any photos of Chimi because he's been patrolling the backyard ever since it stopped raining.  We are not sure what he's doing.  Maybe a woodland critter came in the backyard last night and he's tracking the scent.  Linda's actually happy for a few hours of not having him pressed up against her side or tangled in her feet when she does her chores.  He has been woof-woof-woofing on and off (like right now, Linda has to go tell him to stop.) He always does three short barks in a row, rests for 3 seconds, and does it again.  Now that he is back inside, he's racing up and down the hallway with his ears perked up.  It's really too bad he's not 75 pounds heavier.  He would look so scary and be a great watchdog.  Snickers had the same loving personality as Chim, except he saved her two times from what could have been very bad situations.  Everyone knows Chim is afraid of his own shadow, so it's probably better he's only 17 pounds. He wouldn't fit on her lap if he was bigger.

The blog photo uploader is not letting her add any more photos to this post.  It's freezing up.  Sorry you don't get to see a picture of Snickers.