Tuesday, March 5, 2013

On It's Way

It's just a beautiful, sunny afternoon. We just got back from a long walk and I didn't even wear my coat.  Chimi has to wear his because he is a shivery Chihuahua and always gets cold.  People in our town are getting ready for the biggest snowstorm in 2 years.  It's hard to believe that it will snow tonight based on the weather right now.  Linda is trying to decide if she needs to go to the grocery store. We are close enough to the Giant that she's walked in past bad snowstorms when our road wasn't plowed.  So she can always hike there (and I can go too!) 
I burrowed inside her coat the whole way to the store.  I was probably only 5 pounds in this picture.  I don't know if I could fit anymore.  She could always wear the front carry-me pouch and wrap a blanket around me.
Every time it snows, Linda thinks of Sheba, the Siberian Husky that used to live here.  Gosh, she just loved romping in the snow.  She was the most willful, disobedient dog ever.  Besides running away a bunch of times, Sheba would talk back to her if she tried to correct her.  She always had to have the last word, howling back at her.  Sheba also kept trying to eat the cat, but Chip could hold her own against him. As a puppy, Sheba would grab Linda's ponytail and yank when Linda sat down or bent over.  (She was really very sweet and loving to everyone.  She died at a young age from a septic blood infection. Her eyes were sky blue, but always looked blood-red in photos.) 
In honor of National Grammar Day, Linda did not proof read this or spell-check this post. (including the title!!)