Thursday, March 28, 2013

Oh Well

Well, the furniture rearranging didn't go as planned.  The living room and dining room didn't change after Linda decided the current placement of furniture is probably the best layout for the small space.  The bedroom was a bust.  Turns out the room is just 10' wide!  It's a few feet longer, but you can't do much with a queen size bed when the room is so narrow.  Her triple dresser is beautiful.  Her headboard is beautiful and so is the giant tallish dresser.  She loves her bedroom set... except is was made for a room three times the size of our room.  The dresser top, a slab of granite must weigh over 100 pounds.  In order to even lift the dresser 1" off the floor, you have to take off the granite and 50 pound mirror on top of the granite. Sliding the dresser itself is a chore too! It busted right through those magic sliding discs they sell at Bed Bath and Beyond.  Once it got moved a few feet, Linda gave up on the first try and now its stuck about 6" from the side of the bed.  She can barely open the draws.  It's going to take 4 big guys who don't mind her saying "Please move it there, no wait... over there.  Can we please try that wall?" until she finds the right spot for all the furniture. 

Chimi really likes where the bed is now because he can see out both windows.  While Linda was studying her routines, he made himself comfortable in the crook of her arm.  He was actually snoring a little bit.  He is the most cuddly dog on the planet.