Thursday, March 21, 2013

Raggedy Anne and Dinner

Linda got a cute video of Penny playing with Raggedy Anne today.  She is pushing Raggedy around in her little wooden stroller.  When she runs into the entertainment system and then tries to turn the knobs, Linda says "NO" (which makes her cry for a second.)  Next she finds Taylor's basketball and says "b ball" or maybe "ba." The iPhone video doesn't always like Linda's Windows laptop, and it won't upload to the blog.  She is going to try to get it to upload to her private You Tube account, then upload it to the blog.  Penny also told Linda she had to use the potty by pointing to the bathroom door and saying "GA GA GA!"  As soon as Linda took her diaper off and sat her on the potty, she went pee!  What a smart girl!  (The video is uploading to You Tube, it might be at the end of the post.)

Linda decided not to give up her creative cooking attempts after the pizza disaster.   Tonight she hit a grand slam.  It doesn't look very good, but it tasted amazing.  The crust was home-made cheddar-jalapeno biscuits.  The next layer was sauteed onions and red peppers, diced jalapenos, then smashed kidney beans, corn, soy crumbles, salsa followed by jalapeno cheese on top.  (Can you tell Linda likes hot things?)  It was a baked, hot-gooey very yummy dinner! 

Yes!  It worked.  Linda uses that same big voice with us when she has to correct our behavior.  She sounds a little mean, but she really isn''s just her "I'm only saying this once" voice.