Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dead Legs

Could this be true??
For the past few weeks, Linda's quads have felt like they are full of concrete.  She's had this problem before, and can't figure out why it happens.  Linda has never been a distance runner, but she's heard marathoners describe the feeling before. According to an article Linda read, Runners World magazine calls it Heavy Leg Syndrome or Dead Legs. During the day, it's hard to walk or climb the stairs. At night in bed, it feels like a thousand little fireworks going off in her quads or like there are electrical shock pads attached to her quads.   No matter how much sleep she gets or stretching she does, her quads feel like they are hard (and heavy!) as rocks.  For some bizarre reason, it felt 50% better today!  Her diet and hydration have not changed one bit. She taught her Sculpt class (and used bigger weights than she normally does on Tuesday) plus added plyometrics/jumps/and walking lunges with a medicine ball in the basketball court during class.  Next, she taught TKD... then a hard Body Combat immediately followed by teaching Aqua Boot Camp on the pool deck.  (Teaching on the deck is hard since there's no floor padding and the air temp is about 80 degrees.)  Oh, and she took us for a long walk between the morning and afternoon/evening classes! She's really hoping that the fatigue doesn't come back full force since she'll probably have a lot of snow to shovel tomorrow.  (Yikes, there is a Dairy Queen Blizzard commercial on TV.  Now she wants one in the worst way.) 
This would really help her tired legs.