Tuesday, March 26, 2013

But You Said...

Lately, I've reverted back to waking Linda up really early to go outside.  It's always an emergency.  I do my business and scamper right back inside.  This morning, it was 4:15 a.m.  There are plenty of people who routinely get up that early (or earlier!) to start their day, but Linda isn't one of them.  Today, her first class wasn't until 10:00, so the alarm was set for 7:00.  She shouldn't have gone back to bed.  At 4:15, she was alert and felt great.  At 7:00 when she was awoken by the alarm, she felt so tired and dragging.  I guess its a whole sleep-cycle thing.  Tomorrow, she isn't going to go back to bed and test how she feels during the day.  Even Chimi wanted to go back to bed at 7:00.  While he was outside, Linda made her bed and started to get coffee ready.  She let him back inside and he disappeared for 15 minutes, not coming when she called for him. 
She went looking and this is how she found her just made bed.  All the pillows were pushed to the side and quilts messy.
(Taylor, recognize that old blue pillow case from when you were little?)
She pulled back the covers and guess who popped up? Chim unmade the bed so he could be warm and snuggled under the blankets.  You can tell he was "busted" by the look on his face.  Linda remade the bed, told him "NO UNDER THE COVERS" and continued to get ready.  Ten minutes later....
"You just said not to go under the covers, you didn't say anything about the pillows."
He didn't move the covers this time, he just worked his way under the pillows on top of the covers! Technically, Chimi obeyed what she said so Linda wasn't mad at him for messing it up again.