Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bender Needs a Home

  Linda should never look at pet adoption sites because she wants this pup in the worst way.  Before we adopted Chimi into our family, she would look every day and even visit adoption fairs looking for the perfect dog.  She looked at small dogs, and very large dogs. We both fell in love with a Pitt Bull named Taylor who was hours away from being my brother. (He got adopted by someone else before she could do the paperwork.)   It's a good thing she didn't see this little Australian Shepherd mix when we were looking or we wouldn't have Chimi.  Bender is 12-weeks old and is looking for a loving home.  Linda just loves his little face and scruffy ears.  Someone needs to adopt him right now at  adoption@warl.org or call 202-726-2556 ext. 503.