Friday, March 15, 2013

Awards Dinner

One of these Saturdays, Linda is going to have nothing scheduled.  It seems like every single Saturday she has to go right from work to something.  If it's a church activity, that's OK.  When it is a work activity.. not so OK.  One of her gyms does a yearly MANDATORY meeting.  Not good  for your career when you don't attend because you have something else planned.  She missed two years of the meeting because it fell on the 2nd Saturday night of the month, the same as her monthly church care-team Bible group.  Not to be prideful (cause of course that would negate the whole purpose of the group!) but she has only missed a few care-team groups in 10 years.  One time she was in Tennessee with her TKD students for the Jr. Olympics and another time she had knee surgery the day before. I'm sure there was another time she was sick, but she can't remember for sure.  Anyway, she purposes never to miss it unless it's physically impossible.  Since the MANDATORY gym meeting is on the third Saturday, she is going. The meeting is really a fancy dinner (catered by Carraba's
 Italian restaurant /employee awards/ lots of prizes meeting.  You actually get a table number card and have to sit with whoever they place you with. They try to mix all the departments at the same table so you might be sitting with a daycare worker, maintenance man, lifeguard, front desk clerk and a sales person. The first year she went she won our xBox in the prize drawing.  Her wish tomorrow is to win a big flat screen TV or one of the hefty gift cards, but of course everyone wishes that. 
She'll take her iPhone and try to get some pictures so you can see what a huge affair it is.  Hopefully there will some vegetarian dishes and not all chicken, pork and beef foods.  She used to not eating at those kind of dinners, so no biggie if she has to wait until later for dinner.