Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Linda isn't a big holiday celebrator in the traditional sense.  We don't do decorations or big dinners.  Our house has no Christmas tree, Thanksgiving turkey or Easter Ham.  She doesn't make us take photos with the Easter bunny, although she kind of wants to. 

This would be Chimi's face if he did a Bunny photo.  Frozen in fear.
There are always Christmas presents, but Linda has never been one to "love" decorating the house or cooking a mass quantity of food.   Easter always feels different to her though. It's such a special time of remembrance and the true Thanksgiving to her.  Once she was lost, and now shes saved, forgiven and a new person!   Early this morning (I waited until 4:10 to wake her up) she went out to the deck and felt an overwhelming sense of God while she was praying.

Linda's friend Laura went to sunrise service on the Mall this morning
  See, I should keep waking her up that early!  If she would have stayed asleep, she would have kept dreaming that it was the year 3044.  Cars were small coffins that you laid down in, closed the lid and traveled underground in tubes full of gushing water.  She also had a small puppy tucked in her shirt that turned into a hamster than a rat. 

Come back later today and see Penelope in her Easter outfit.  I bet it will be adorable!!