Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dog Woes

What was supposed to be a "rest afternoon" for Linda turned into a "rush afternoon" for her because she had to take me for an emergency vet visit.  I haven't been feeling well, and my appetite has been low.  Today, I got worse and refused to walk very far.   Linda had to carry me down the deck steps to go outside. I wanted to sleep in my kitchen bed overnight instead of The Big Bed, which never happens.  The second her last TKD student was picked up from class, she rushed home to take me to the Dr.  It was a case of almost impacted you-know-what glands again!  Yesterday I was scooting a bit, even more today.  The Vet tech took care of it and hopefully, I'll be fine and want to eat dinner later on.

My weight was also up AGAIN.  I'm now 7.4 pounds, 2 full pounds overweight.  No more cookies. (Although I am only getting two small treats a week!)  No more dry food to nibble on between meals.  Plus, Linda has to add another walk everyday.  I don't understand. It's been over a year since I've had any people-food snacks, and Linda is being careful on my wet food/chicken.  The Vet recommended a special weight-control food.  I would like to think it's all muscle and fur, but I'd be fooling myself.  I'm pretty chubby.  Of course it's all Linda's fault.  She's the one ultimately in charge of my food and exercise. 

This is how skinny I'm supposed to be. 
In other bad news, Linda had to take Chimi's blue woobie blanket away.  She didn't notice that between yesterday and today, he ate a whole corner of it.  Luckily, he's thrown-up most of it and it's not made him sick.  Dumb dog.