Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Red Sea(quester)

Chim and I were just starving after church tonight.  This was the first real day of our diet, and Linda was really trying to hold firm and not give us a snack after 6 p.m.  We were barking, begging, dancing and whining while she was eating her tofu dinner (delicious!) She felt bad and gave us each 1 Tablespoon of wet food.  It's always hard the first few days of a new diet.  We'll get used to less food, but going from being full to being hungry is kind of a shock.

Linda's watching The Bible TV show on The History Channel.  The actor playing Moses has the crazy-eyes. So far, she is enjoying it.  It reminds her of the old Ten Commandments movie she loved when she was little, except it has much better special effects.  Moses bringing his people through the Red Sea looks epic.  Any second the Egyptians are going to be drowned dead..... except now she has to wait through a commercial about how good Walmart steak is to see it.  She knows the ending because she read the book.  :)
Let My People Go!

Weather guys are saying we might have big snow starting Tuesday night called Snowquester.  (Big snow meaning anywhere from 1-5".)  There is a small, small chance it might be a tad more.  The prediction means absolutely nothing.  It will either just rain or we'll get slammed with 24".   We have enough chicken for our supper, and toilet paper and coffee.. so it's all good.  We don't have bread or milk, but Linda doesn't ever buy those anyway.