Sunday, March 3, 2013

Are You My Mommy?

Chim isn't having the greatest day.  He has major woobie withdrawal.  It's been 24 hours without anything to suck on... well, that's not entirely true.  He's now sucking on his big black blanket that goes on his bed (but Linda is NOT letting him chew any pieces off.)  It's almost a twin-size blanket, so it's super hard for him to drag around without tripping.  Where there's a will... there's a way.  The blur on his head is from bobbing up and down while he nurses.  He also does the paw press motion just like a newborn pup to try and make milk come out.  His whimpering while he sucks is almost sad.  I think he was taken away from his Mommy too soon.  He's definitely looking for a Mommy substitute.
"Where's the milk??"
Chim is also petrified of his new rope toy.  When he first saw it in Linda's hand, he was ecstatic jumping around and smiling!  "Yay! A new toy!!"  As soon as he took it by the rope end, the plastic part bumped against his chest and it freaked him out.  Now he won't go near it and is nervous if it's in the same room.  Linda kept trying to make him have fun and even threw it for him to chase.  The sound of the plastic bumping on the hardwood floor made his fear 10x worse. 
I'm actually having a much better day and feel great.  (Except for the major cookie withdrawal and not getting as much food as I used to.)  I slept through the night and have been energetic and happy.  Linda bought me some weight-control dry food earlier today, but the chucks are too big to fit in my mouth.  I guess it will just be Chimi's food and she'll have to find a smaller kibble for me.