Friday, March 8, 2013


It's been one of those days, the kind of day Linda leaves us alone for a loooong time.  She has been super-busy all day, and is heading back out again in a few minutes to hang out up at church for Family Night.  In all, she's only been home 1.5 hours total since this morning.  It would be so much better if all her classes were in a row.  Instead, she drives to the gym, drives home for a bit, repeats the process, (and some days) drives to a different gym and then at night she drives up to church and back.  She doesn't drive more than 15 minutes to any gym, so they are all close enough to drive back and forth. If she didn't have to walk or feed us, she might just hang out at the Corner Bakery, Panera or Atlanta Bread between classes.  It would certainly save gas.  We did get a walk early this morning and she won't be staying late at church, so we'll get another before bed.  Tomorrow is almost exactly the same, except she has more classes so she will stay at the gym from 8:30-1:15 and then go back out at 4:45 for her fellowship gathering. 

To sum it up, this is what I did all day:
"I'm so bored." 
This was the highlight of Chim's day:
"At least it's comfy"