Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy Birthday PW!

How could Linda forget to take a picture of Penny today during their Nana time?  She kept meaning to grab her phone, but they stayed busy crawling around, throwing the ball, reading books and READY... walking!  Yep, she is just 11 months old today and is walking up to 8 steps without holding on.  After awhile she gets tired and plops down.  It takes a lot of energy to hold your balance that long.  While she napped, Linda practiced her Les Mills routines.  She just did pretend squats and used 2 pound weights so she didn't get worn-out for tonight's class.  It was hard to count how many people were in class, but a friend counted for her and said there was 56! 
Linda with some of her Pump instructor friends.

Today is Paul Walker's birthday!  Happy Birthday to one of our favorite dog walkers.  He loves Chimi more than he loves me, but I'm fine with that.  (Jerry Walker loves me more than he loves Chim, so it's even.) 
This is from Paul's birthday a few years ago.  Paul's wearing the Marvin shirt, Jerry is the other guy.