Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Good Day for Cleaning

Linda was a dynamo today.  Besides getting up early and grocery shopping, she got all the laundry done and put away.  You might be thinking that's not a big deal since she lives alone, but she goes through at least 2, sometimes 3 workout outfits a day plus her regular clothes, sheets, towels, etc.  Sometimes she runs out of socks.  If you saw her full sock draw right now, you wouldn't believe it could happen. 

After laundry chores were done, she emptied out her 3 closets that were packed full of clothes.  (She never runs out of jeans or tops, no matter how long it is between laundry loads.)  She found clothes she forgot she had and she discovered 2 of the same exact sweaters from Target.  I guess she liked it so much the first time she bought it, she bought the same one on sale without realizing she already owned it.  Now everything is neat and organized.  Dresses, jackets and sweaters in one; skirts, fancy tops and dress pants in another, then jeans and regular tops in the third closet.  Luckily they are all close together so getting dressed isn't complicated.  Even her shoes are all in a row starting with flip-flops all the way up to her boots.  She took little breaks in between to shovel snow and make Jambalaya for lunch.   Now just to keep them all neat and orderly....
This isn't her closet, but she wishes it was!!
The snow turned out to be no big deal.  It started snowing hard around 9:30 a.m.  HUGE flakes the size of walnuts, but its now turned to rain and all the snow is melting.  It was still exciting to watch it snow.  We didn't get a walk, but it's going to warm up tomorrow and maybe the sidewalks will dry.