Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Twilight Microwave Zone

Now Linda's knows why she has been postponing the microwave shopping.  It's not because she didn't know what kind to buy or how much money to spend, its because its not really broken at all and she would have wasted her $$!  Sunday, the thing totally stopped working.  The display panel was blinking and saying something like "this microwave is broken" (totally paraphrased since she can't remember exactly what it said.)  The buttons didn't work, the light didn't come on and no amount of unplugging it/re plugging it in worked.  This afternoon, she just felt like she should try again.  You guessed it... everything came on, the clock asked to be reset and it works just fine!  She wants to find out if there is some kind of meter that can measure if any microwave laser type beams are shooting out to kill her.
If you know, would you email me:  Thanks.  She probably won't use it until she finds out if its safe.