Monday, March 18, 2013

Who Let the Dogs Out?

What in interesting weather day.  We woke up to snow falling and an icy deck. It's not an easy job letting the dogs out on those kind of days.  It is always a challenge for Linda to carry us up and down the steps. You think as dogs we would ace this, right?  Nope. I've actually fallen down the deck steps before from them being slippery and Chimi is just plain terrified of them if they are icy. Her morning classes were not canceled, but they were small because members just thought they were canceled.  Our poor flowers are so cold!
Now, it's just raining and much, much warmer.  Tomorrow, temps predicted near 60 degrees.  So strange.   Linda is off to TKD and microwave shopping.  Ours died yesterday.  It's really not worth getting someone out here to fix it.  Her friend can install it for her, so the labor cost won't be an issue.

Later in the day...

Linda forgot to take measurements of the microwave and there are different size over the stove units.  She'll have to go back out tomorrow or Wednesday.  Cooking the old fashioned way is making her crazy.  She has to heat our chicken/rice in a pot on the stove top. (I know your thinking Really?  You heat your dogs food? It is the only way I'll eat it, I hate cold food.)   Right now she is doing baked Mac/Cheese in the oven. It's going to take an hour. Usually she just uses the box mix.  This is the real deal.  I bet it will taste so much better.  When Taylor was a young teen, he would cook dinner a few times a month.  This was his favorite thing to make.
Back in the day.. remember Taylor??  later....

Win on the Mac and Cheese!  Linda said its amazing!!