Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1/2 Star Pizza and Still No Microwave

The pizza was even worse today.  Linda heated it in the toaster oven thinking that it would crisp up the crust and that the toppings would have had time to "meld" and actually taste better.  (Some things do taste better to Linda on the next day, like lasagna.)  After a few bites she threw it all in the trash.  There was a little Mac & Cheese left so she ate that along with a handful of semi-sweet chocolate baking chips as a chaser.  Not the lunch she was looking forward to after teaching two straight hours. There's always dinner.   We still don't have a microwave because she can't decide which brand to buy.  They cost anywhere from $49 to $1,000's of dollars.  The one we had was under $200, but it lasted less than 18 months before it totally broke.  Its always tempting to go with the low end/cheap models and then you regret it when you have to replace it.  Her old microwave lasted 10 years and might be still going to this day!  She gave it to her friend who didn't have a microwave when we got the over the stove unit. It was really expensive, so maybe that answers her question on which to buy.
This one is almost $2,000 

or go to Kmart and get one for under $50 ?