Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Destroyer

A few weeks ago (it seems like months and months) Linda weaned Chimi off his beloved Woobie.  He has had some kind of Woobie since his newborn days.  He loves to nurse on a soft toy or blanket while he drifts off to sleep.  It was costing about $30 a month to replace the Woobies because he would totally destroy them.  If they had eyes, noses or ears, in 10 minutes they would be chewed off.  Squeakers were discovered and removed in the next 5 minutes.  It was ridiculous.  Finally when the toy was down to a rag, he would use it has his Mommy.  Linda decided that too much of the stuffing and fur was ending up in his belly (or being thrown up on the floor or pooped out) so she pulled the plug. 

Instead, she put a $10 fleece throw on his bed.  He was only allowed to use it during the overnight hours.  At first he was cuddling in it, then after a few days... he started gnawing away.  This morning, this is what she found when she opened the bathroom floor (she pulled it all off his bed)...
Seriously Chimi?  Do you have to destroy everything you love?
He ripped open a seam and pulled all the lining out!  Linda ripped the rest of it away from the blanket and now it's just a big rag. He was so ashamed when she chided him about it (he knew he was bad) that he found a good hiding spot on the big bed and wouldn't even come to breakfast.

"You can't see me"